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Rapido omologato per la strada
VANTAGE RAPIDO is a self-propelled machine specially designed for on-road driving (type-approved for 40 Km/h, from 14 to 20 tons).
By bringing together experience, outstanding quality and innovation, the Ag.m. design centre has come up with a machine that is as stylish as it is practical, ensuring good on-road driving speeds in complete safety and optimum off-road performance, making it the ideal machine for those offering outsourced services, cooperatives and large farms aiming for high productivity.
The cradle-like galvanized steel frame gives a lower barycentre, limiting machine height so that the user can drive into relatively low cattle sheds. Disc brakes, good suspension and large wheels ensure excellent grip and stability (1). Rear drive makes use of a self-locking differential with traditional gear change. Power is provided by Mercedes Benz, 4/6-cylinder rear-mounted engines that reduce consumption and, therefore, emissions harmful to the environment (2). Management of this high-performance machine is entrusted to an electronic system with CAN-BUS technology that, in addition to providing drive performance on a par with that of an automobile, controls all the other machine functions.
A cutting-edge programmable, multi-function display (3) allows the Rapido to be configured according to the individual needs of the operator: this provides control of mixing auger rpm, Top Cut entry and exit times and automatic adjustment of engine rpm according to the specific stage of work. Moreover, the display issues messages regarding scheduled maintenance and autonomously controls engine power (to prevent stalling); the display can also be used to set the machine to ‘farm’ or ‘road’ drive mode.
Two video cameras (4) can also be controlled via the monitor, one at the back of the vehicle for safe reversing and one to observe the mix.









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