Agm Mixer Feeders
Mixer Feeders
Technical characteristics

Four new VANTAGE versions: MILLER, MAXI, RAPIDO and FEEDSTAR, plus the BASIC variants of the Miller and Maxi versions, with load capacities from 11 to 27 m3, the only machines capable of meeting all the farmer’s needs.

1) The Vantage machines are assembled on strong galvanized frames.  
2) They feature outstanding manoeuvring performance, stability and grip thanks to an extremely short wheelbase and outstanding weight distribution on the suspension-equipped axles.  
3) Comfort and convenience for the operator, thanks to the spacious cab, which offers excellent visibility and an efficient, user-friendly control layout.  
4) The rear-mounted engine on the MILLER, MAXI and RAPIDO models means that checks and maintenance tasks can be carried out easily, also ensuring greater comfort for the operator, who is shielded from engine noise and heat.
5) High power, low consumption, thanks to the new Mercedes Benz 4/6-cylinder electronically controlled engines with single high-pressure pumps (1600 BAR).Excellent weight/cylinder capacity/power ratios and achievement of maximum torque at just 1200 rpm. Oil change every 500 hours. The MILLER and FEEDSTAR versions also have John Deere 4/6-cylinder engines.  
6) 100% electronically-managed hydraulic control.  
Technical characteristics
7) The Vantage millers can load meal, long-fibred items such as hay, bundles, straw or various silo-fed products, without leaving any product residue on the shredders.
To reduce backflow, and so ease product transfer onto the shredder loading belt, a counter-beater (A) is fitted. The load belt runs along steel guides and, thanks also to the self-cleaning aligning drive roller, cutting mechanism performance is both outstanding and long-lasting.

8) The augers, built in the Unifast-Ag.m. plants using robotised welding systems, are equipped with sabre-like blades (B) to shred the forage: this cutting motion, combined with the action of the programmable hydraulic counter-blades (Top Cut, C), reduces shredding times and gives the desired size of fibrous product.

9) 4-cell weighing system (3 on the Rapido model).

10) Even, fast distribution of the mix along the troughs thanks to large hatches (E) and bilateral stainless steel unloading belts on all models.

The Vantage machines can also be equipped with fixed permanent magnets (G) or rotary magnets (Magnetic Roller, H) to eliminate ferrous impurities, thus enhancing ration quality even further.

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