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The real revolution in Unifeed has one name only: UNIFAST - AGM
“This company was founded in the 50ties, as a company producing agricultural machines that, during the 70ies, began to specialize in the production of vertical auger mixer wagons”.
Unifast great adventure started in 1977, the year in which the “Impareggiabile” was built, the legendary machine that boosted the continuous growth of Unifast - AGM who was then to become, through over 30 years, a world leader in this business.
Btu the real turning-point was in 1986 when the first self-propelled mixer feeder was realized, as a real milestone of all vertical mixer feeders. It was a well deserved supremacy, as Ag.m. invented over two decades before the vertical auger mixing system, something that started a real revolution in the business of live-stock-use machinery and in the field of animal feeding of beef, sheep and goats for both milk and meat production.
Unifast - AGM always plays a major role in the most relevant exhibitions worldwide, bringing every year attractive technical innovations, and the satisfaction of countless customers all over the world being an additional evidence. As with all pioneers, Ag.m. also can boast of a considerable number of “imitators” of its projects.
There is actually nothing to be flattered about, but yet it confirms the extraordinary validity and versatility of its products.
Unifast commitment is that of providing the farmers with a perfect and soft mixing with any type of ingredients; also ensuring a reduction in working time and a consequent drop in fuel consumption and in the machine tear and wear even under heavy working conditions.
All this is possible thanks to the particular care given to the accurate choice of the materials and of the components. Finally we feel happy and proud to say that a Unifeed Unifast - AGM mixer feeder is the best investment for the future of all farmers who want to progress!
Prizes and awards

Machine of the year
DLG Hannover 1999

Silver medal - Virage technical
novelty - 1999 DLG

Expo 2000 - Dairy and food
technology - New Dehli India

Wageningen 2001 - technological
innovation award

Technological innovation prize
Semana Verde Galizia 2003

Galizia - semana verde
2006 award RAPIDO

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